Floor Insulation

Put an end to cold floors and high heating expenses with floor insulation set up by Tri-County Insulation
Garage Insulation by Tri-County Insulation Corporate
Cold floor cure. Missing out on or insufficient floor insulation is a common issue, especially in rooms above a garage. Tri-County Insulation can put an end to cold floors in winter season by installing new dense-pack cellulose insulation.

Personalized Insulation Solutions

There are various kinds of insulation, and each type has specific advantages and restrictions. Tri-County Insulation is a full-service insulation contractor with access to the very best choice of insulation materials available. We offer customized insulation solutions based upon your house’s construction information and your spending plan. You constantly get the best value and finest efficiency with insulation upgrades from Tri-County Insulation.

It’s an issue in lots of houses during the heating period: The air temperature level in the room is comfy, but the floors are cold. When your floor isn’t really effectively insulated, even a “warm” room can feel chilly due to the fact that your feet are cold.

Floor above a garage. Dense-pack cellulose is commonly the very best solution if the garage ceiling is finished with plaster board.
This can be done with 2-part spray foam or with a mix of rigid foam insulation and spray foam. Rigid foam wall insulation might also be suggested.

Basement floor insulation. Prevent wood subflooring when insulating a basement floor to avoid problems with mold and moisture damage. Instead, make use of specialized subflooring like ThermalDry Insulated Floor Decking, made from water-proof rigid foam and composite board.

Floor above a crawl area. An “encapsulation” method is suggested, which includes rim joist sealing and insulation along with sealing vents and crawl area doors. In northern states, stiff foam wall insulation must also be installed.

Floor above a cantilever. The cantilevered floor location developed by an upper floor overhang typically requires an insulation upgrade. Briefly getting rid of the soffit product covering the underside of the cantilever offers access to the joist bays so they can be sealed and insulated.
Missing or inadequate floor insulation can make any room awkward, while also increasing your heating expenses.