Insulating Your Home Attic Made Easy

Insulating your attic is the one of the most important energy efficient projects your home will benefit from.Insulating your attic also provides the comfort your home deserves.In the winter time as the coldness of winter penetrates your home, the money spent trying to heat your home would be lost without attic Insulation.A fully Insulated attic with a n R Value of 19 or higher keeps the heat where it is needed, in your home!!.Insulation acts in much the same manner in summertime keeping the hot temperatures out and the coolness inside. Your family benefits two-fold saving money and being content.

There are many types of materials that Tri-County utilizes our specialists will make the correct choice for your home our 40plus yrs experience most assuredly will ensure the right choice for your dwelling.

Fibreglass batt insulation is probably the most popular type of insulation for attic.Fiberglass insulation is easily installed and fills up completely between the joists of your ceiling. Tri-County Insulation & Acoustical Contractors are among the most experienced in Northern California. Our installers will make sure that the fiberglass fills every crevice and corner snugly.

Moisture in your attic will certainly minimize the effectiveness of any type of insulation we install. Tri-County Insulation & Acoustical Contractors certified installers will inspect your attic for water leaks and condensation before the installation of the insulation.

Loose-fill blown in fiberglass and cellulose insulations are another popular type of insulation for attics. Spread by hand or with a blower, loose-fill insulation can be blown into corners and tough to reach locations, so there is less of an issue with “gaps”.

Spray foam is becoming a very popular type of insulation for attic applications. Not only does it get into tough to reach locations, it broadens to fill every space and hole, so heat can’t escape through the insulation.

Spray foam is likewise waterproof and moisture proof, since it expands, it will stop small wetness spots and water leaks. Condensation isn’t an issue because of how well spray foam seals your attic.

Other spray foam benefits include support for the structure of your home, fewer airborne pollution ,less irritants in your house and reduces the sound of outdoor noise.

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