Blown-In Insulation a Money Saver

Insulating your home is the best way to conserve money on energy costs . Many years ago, floors and walls were insulated with many different styles of materials,to prevent the dampness and cold air from going inside the home. The Remodeling of older homes has shown that old newspaper was successfully utilized in a majority of homes, providing a barrier to protect the inside of the home from the outside weather conditions.

The types of insulatiion used in todays world has become much more scientific. The techniques have become precise. R-factors are assigned to different types of Insulations the higher the R value the more resistance to the elements it will provide.Different geographical Regions have different requirements. California has less extreme temperatures hence lower R Values are required in California.

The most popular method of installing insulation is Blown-in Insulation

The Benefits of Blow In Insulation

Blown in Insulation is a popular method.The advantages are numerous .The technique involved installing it, its energy effectiveness and longer lasting properties. These are the major reasons to consider using blow in insulation:

Blow in insulation is adjustable. Depending on how much product is used, it can produce a protection with an R value of 15-38.

Only high quality products are used to produce most blow-in varieties of insulation. Reducing air born allergies.

Blowing the product into the crevices with the proper type of high pressure equiptment enables a tighter fit and seal. It can be directed around corners, beams, or circuitry that might already exist in the walls and attic.

Installing blow in insulation is a speedier process.  A special type hose is inserted and the predetermined amounts of the insulation are carefully blown into the correct locations.

This type of insulation is incredibly energy efficient. As it is installed, it expands and adheres to the surrounding surface areas.

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