Attic Roof Insulation
Take pleasure in lower utility bills and higher comfort and house value with a roofing insulation upgrade, hire the roofing contractors and get it done today!

4 indications that you have to get a roof replacement or set up attic roofing system insulation

  • Spaces directly underneath the attic are too hot or too cold at different times of the year.
  • High heating & cooling costs.
  • Attic floor is covered and used for storage.
  • Ducts and other COOLING AND HEATING equipment in the attic.

Attic insulation plays a critical function any house’s overall convenience and energy performance. It can be installed in one of 2 locations: on the attic floor or below the attic roofing system. Setting up an attic roofing system with insulation (instead of attic floor insulation) has numerous benefits.

Properly installed attic roofing system insulation can get rid of many air leaks that waste energy and make parts of your residence awkward. With attic roofing system insulation, you’ll likewise improve efficiency from ductwork situated in your attic.

Foam roof insulation is much better than fiberglass
Lots of contractors have installed fiberglass batt insulation between attic rafters to insulate cathedral ceilings and attic roofing systems, this method isn’t really as reliable as more modern techniques of roof insulation.

Fiberglass insulation can compress and lose R-value; it’s also unable to stop air from leaking from or into your house. Better products for attic roofing system insulation are stiff foam boards and spray foam insulation.

Spray foam (technically called Spray Polyurethane Foam or SPF).
is most frequently applied in the space in between attic rafters. It can function as an air and moisture obstacle in addition to offering very high R-value. If you are transforming an attic to living area, SPF is a wise option to choose.

2 kinds of attic roofing insulation. Spray foam (left) is applied between attic rafters using special devices. Rigid foam insulation (right) can be installed straight listed below attic rafters.

Rigid foam insulation (like the SilverGlo ® insulation from Tri-County Insulation) comes in panels or sheets of different densities. When made use of as attic roof insulation, rigid foam can be set up between attic rafters, straight underneath attic rafters, or in both areas. Like spray foam, stiff foam is an air and moisture barrier as well as high R-value insulation.

Fiberglass and rigid foam can be used together to offer effective attic roofing system insulation. The fiberglass batts are installed traditionally, between attic rafters. A thin layer of rigid foam is then fastened to the bottom edges of attic rafters.

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